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This is the audio podcast page for Queue Points.

Queue Points is a video podcast, hosted by DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray (Johnnie Ray Kornegay III), with the intent to inform and celebrate Black Music creatives through meaningful dialogue.


Aug 26, 2022

The music industry isn’t known for its fairness when it comes to artist’s rights. Bad contracts, and flat out lies have been told to get artists into deals that rob them of their livelihoods and in many cases their futures.

J Nolan will be joining us for this interesting conversation about the long winding road of predatory hip-hop contracts.

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J Nolan Bio:

J Nolan is an independent Hip-Hop artist, songwriter, and music entrepreneur raised in the Atlanta area. His songs have been featured in NBA 2K22, Kevin Hart’s “Zero F’s Given,” Lizzo’s “Watch Out For The Big Grrrls”, “Little Fires Everywhere” on Hulu, XFINITY’s “Black Experience” Channel, The CW’s “All American,” and many more. He’s also been highlighted by the legendary NYC radio station Hot 97 in their Top Shelf Freestyle series, debuted his 2021 single “Lanta Sht” on Sway in The Morning, in addition to making a guest appearance in Patreon’s “Pursuing Music Without Permission” campaign advertisement.

In 2021, J Nolan self-published a 2 part book series titled The Pen Game Portfolio which are guides helping independent music creators to track their royalties and monetize their music in non-traditional formats such as TV/Film, creating custom songs for small business and content creators, and much more. Moving further into the music education field, J Nolan recently began taking speaking engagements in youth summer camps, festivals, and colleges. His goal is to help build a stronger, more informed economy for independent music creators to thrive in.

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