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Queue Points Podcast


This is the audio podcast page for Queue Points.

Queue Points is a video podcast, hosted by DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray (Johnnie Ray Kornegay III), with the intent to inform and celebrate Black Music creatives through meaningful dialogue.


Dec 2, 2022

This World AIDS Day, DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray are dedicating the show to the music that helped educate and inform during the height of the HIV epidemic of the 1980s and 1990s. There is no justice movement that emerges without art, and many musicians turned HIV activists during the most difficult years. Black artists...

Nov 26, 2022

Well folks, it’s Thanksgiving, and a time when many folks are reflecting on their life over the last year, and preparing to spend time with friends and family. Well, we’ve invited our family to join us to celebrate. Ashli J. Washington and Mashaun D. Simon from B4Nine Podcast are stopping through!

B4Nine Podcast is...

Nov 20, 2022

If you checked out our last show, you heard an intense conversation on the current state of hip hop. This conversation brings into view one of the bright lights in the new school of MCs. Philly’s CSW joins us for a conversation to introduce himself and his philosophy to the Queue Points community.

DJ Sir Daniel and...

Nov 11, 2022

The murder of Takeoff has shaken the world as a whole, and like many times on Queue Points, we’re asking the question “what can we do?” Well, for this episode we ask the question with all the accolades, the money and the fame, for hip-hop, “is it still all good?”

Joining us in segment 2 is Mr. Al Pete. Al Pete...

Nov 6, 2022

Queue Points is back, and we’re live, and it’s time for you to vote! Because it’s voting season in the United States, we’ve decided to dedicate this show to the importance of getting out to vote!

Malika Redmond, CEO and Co-Founder of Women Engaged, joins us to discuss her history of civic engagement, overcoming...